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Brisbane’s gecko invasion: are they sharing your home?

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 6 April 2016

There are many reasons to love Brisbane: its sunny days, mild winters and lush nature reserves. But humans are not the only ones who enjoy our subtropical climate.

Geckos are increasingly making themselves at home in dwellings from Brisbane to Darwin, according to an interesting read on Domain.

The authors are a pair of James Cook University scientists who explain that common house geckos are typically one of two species, the native Australian dtellas (don’t ask us how to pronounce that) and the introduced Asian House Gecko.

For the aspiring David Attenborough types among you, check out the descriptions on Domain and you could soon be distinguishing these species from a distinctive “chuk-chuk-chuk” sound alone. Impressive.

But what can you do when it becomes a little challenging to share your home and neighbourhood with geckos, fruit bats, snakes or other creatures?

It will depend on the type of critter and whether it is protected or not. A good place to start is your local council.

Check out the Brisbane City Council website for information on living with wildlife, including pests and protected species.

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