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Brisbane’s top #20 suburbs for long term growth

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 2 August 2018

How do you know if you can trust the latest hot spot prediction? A suburb might be oh-so-now today but will it be oh-so-no tomorrow?

New data has revealed the suburbs across Australia that have truly earned their blue chip status with solid capital growth sustained over a 25 year period.

Across Australia median house price growth has risen by 412 per cent over 25 years, according to the Aussie / Core Logic 25 years of Housing Trends report.

That’s an annual growth rate of 6.8 per cent for houses, while units have grown by 5.9 per cent annually.

Of the top #100 growth suburbs across Australia, 81 were located in a capital city, with the majority in Melbourne and Sydney where the best performers have clocked up in excess of a 10 per cent average annual change in median price over 25 years.

Brissie’s best burbs have achieved growth above a respectable 9 per cent over the same period.

Not surprisingly, some of our north side faves, including Grange (8.1 per cent), Hendra (7.9 per cent), Lutwyche (7.9 per cent), Wilston (7.7 per cent) and Windsor (7.7 per cent) feature amongst the top performers.

Check out Brisbane’s top #20 suburbs for long term capital growth.

Average annual change in median price over 25 years:

  1. Bulimba 9.5%
  2. New Farm 9.4%
  3. Hawthorne 8.5%
  4. Seven Hills 8.1%
  5. Grange 8.1%
  6. Camp Hill 8.0%
  7. Paddington 8.0%
  8. Hamilton 8.0%
  9. West End 8.0%
  10. Norman Park 8.05%
  11. Lutwyche 7.9%
  12. Balmoral 7.9%
  13. Cannon Hill 7.9%
  14. Woolloongabba 7.9%
  15. Hendra 7.9%
  16. Kalinga 7.8%
  17. East Brisbane 7.8%
  18. Wilston 7.7%
  19. Windsor 7.7%
  20. Ashgrove 7.6%

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