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Brissie homes rack up #8 straight quarters of price growth

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 11 March 2020

Predicting short-term property price gains with any accuracy is like trying to track down a loo roll on the supermarket shelves.

Yep, it’s pretty much impossible.
But one thing the stats do tell us is that, over the long term, Brissie is a steady and reliable performer.
The latest CoreLogic data shows property prices in Brisbane have grown for eight consecutive quarters. That’s two years of solid growth, reports
So, will it continue?
In the short term, there are certainly a lot of positive signs. And over the mid to long term, Brissie has proven to be a safe bet. So the analysts remain optimistic.
CoreLogic director of research Tim Lawless said southeast Queensland’s housing market would finish the year strongly.
“In regions such as South East Queensland, housing is very affordable relative to Sydney and Melbourne, jobs growth is trending higher and unemployment is reducing,” Mr Lawless said.
“The primary factors driving this rebound remain in place and include an extremely low cost of debt and improved borrowing capacity.”
AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver said a number of economic and regulatory factors, including the rate cut and relaxation of home loan serviceability tests would help fuel lending and drive price growth, including in Brisbane.
“We also anticipate a broadening out of the property price gains beyond Sydney and Melbourne as Brisbane and Adelaide are relatively cheap,” Mr Oliver said.
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