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Brissie singles are hot for this northside burb

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 21 February 2019

Was your Valentine’s Day filled with more heartache than romance? Boost your chances at love next year with a move to Nundah.

This northside hotspot has a particularly high concentration of singles. In fact just about every second person you’ll see swaggering through Nundah Village is unattached.

The median age of residents is an attractive 33 years and the population has been growing, so the suburb is awash with new talent.

If you feel Nundah pulling at your heart strings then now might be the time to open the purse strings.

The median unit price dropped 7.1 per cent during 2018 to an affordable $395,000 reports Domain.

So why are singles drawn to Nundah like Ines zeroing in on Sam? (Side note: If you’re watching Married at First Sight you’ll get this reference. If not, don’t start now, it’s getting more cringeworthy every episode!)

Our love affair with Nundah started at the turn of the new millennium when the Sandgate Road tunnel took heavy traffic out of Nundah’s main street and its distinct village vibe began to bloom.

Add the proximity to the city, airport and great rail links and you’ve got a mecca for hipsters, young professionals and of course singles.

Should love strike you lucky in Nundah then the good news is you won’t need to move to take the next step in your relationship – a house – but you will need to compete hard for sought after Queenslanders and renovators.

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