Brighter Buying

Buoyant Brissie’s blistering hot start to 2020

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 6 February 2020

Brisbane buyers have stepped into 2020 with confidence - even swagger - propelling the weekend open home circuit into hyperdrive.

Across Brisbane hundreds of house hunters have slipped on their Sketchers and Birkenstocks, refilled their keep cups, and sent a clear signal that buying season has begun.
A combination of favourable buying conditions and seasonal spikes have made this January one of Brissies’s busiest in years, reports Domain.
“Low interest rates, limited property stock and rising market confidence have sent Brisbane’s property market into hyperdrive as real estate agents celebrate one of their busiest Januarys in a decade,” Domain says.
“Reports of skyrocketing sales, packed open homes and landmark auctions have further cemented the city’s remarkable property turnaround as thousands of local and interstate buyers continue to emerge from the woodwork.”
The experts are watching Brisbane with interest too. Westpac’s Housing Pulse from November forecast a strong start to 2020 for our river city.
“Overall we expect the price upswing to continue in 2020 but with a key transition over the course of the year as deteriorating affordability caps gains in Sydney and Melbourne and displaced demand starts to lift prices in other cities, most notably Brisbane.”
That forecast follows Brisbane’s best three-month price gain in over five years at the end of 2019.
While we may not be expecting a rocket-fuel size lift-off, we are still enjoying solid and steady growth.
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