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Buyer interest surges in rural retreats

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 23 April 2020

In yet another sign that the market is navigating uncharted territory, agents are expecting a surge in buyer interest in tree change and sea change locations as cashed-up city slickers seek to spend their social distance time in style.

Even the threat of a COVID-19 cluster is not enough to turn people off Noosa, reports The Australian. It also highlighted Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and the NSW southern highlands as prime spots anticipating a resurgence in interest from buyers seeking more space.
But is the grass always greener on the other side?
You can probably be forgiven for thinking that if you’re stuck in a small house home-schooling five kids right now. Or perhaps you’re in a one-bed apartment spending more time with your partner than can possibly be healthy for your relationship. Yep, it’s tough right now.
If indulging in tree change and sea change fantasies gets you through this, do what you’ve got to do.
And if you’re seriously tempted to turn your dreams into reality, then here are a few tips to set your change up for success.

  1. Check your financial position is a steady one and can support your move.
  2. Research your new location, particularly the amenities you’ll need to sustain the aspects of your current lifestyle you’ll want to continue (e.g. schools for the kids) and to relax into your new life.
  3. Check the internet connection. The NBN has yet to reach suburbs just a stone’s throw from suburbia, let alone places further afield.
  4. Be prepared for an unusual introduction to your new community as social distancing will probably rule out a trip to the pub – a time honoured way of meeting and greeting the locals.

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