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Can I keep 350 cats on my Brisbane property?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 12 May 2017

How about NO.

One Brissie cat lover is learning this lesson the hard way after Brisbane City Council ordered her to remove 350 felines from two properties at Belmont.

An RSPCA investigation confirmed the animals were well cared for. But the Council has ordered their removal as the owner did not have permits to keep that many cats.

She is now trying to re-home the kitties, reports Quest.

So how can you avoid falling foul of the law with pets at your home?

The Brisbane City Council website is pretty clear. In Brisbane you can’t keep more than three cats per residence without a permit; and you can’t keep more than two dogs without a permit.

If you’re a tenant you of course need to check whether the terms of your rental agreement allow you to keep a dog or a cat.

If you’re a landlord there are various factors to consider when deciding if you want to allow pets on your property. Is your property fully fenced? Does your body corporate allow pets? Have you just laid new carpet? Are prospective tenants willing to pay a premium for a pet friendly property?

Talk to us about landlording if you need help weighing up the pros and cons of pets on your property.

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