Brighter Selling

Can you make a bigger profit selling your home in winter?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 9 June 2022

Winter is here Brisbane, which means it’s time to wear warm socks with those sandals.

And it could also be a great time to sell.

Spring is traditionally known as the season when flowers and home sales bloom.

But in a hot property market like Brisbane a little bit of cold weather isn’t enough to dampen prices.

As always, it comes down to supply and demand, reports Domain.

“Many home owners still prefer to put their home up for sale when the skies are blue, the sun’s shining and the weather is good. As a result, buyers know that those selling in winter are usually very determined to sell,” Domain reports.

“Similarly, the buyers who are braving the plunge in temperatures to attend inspections are also likely to be more determined to buy, rather than being just tyre-kickers. They might be relocating for work or want end-of-year tax breaks on an investment.”

So should you put your home on the market now?

In reality, you should make your decision based on your personal circumstances and what’s happening in your local property market. Don’t get too hung up on the weather.

If you want to make a move, now is a good time for many Brisbane sellers to take advantage of continuing interest from locals and interstate buyers.

If your home presents well in winter start booking the removalist. You won’t need to wait til spring to find a genuine buyer.

Thinking of making a move? Book a valuation or talk to us about selling.