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Can you sell your house on TikTok?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 12 August 2022

You can buy and sell most things on social media these days, but how about real estate?

Facebook is a popular platform for giving sellers a little extra marketing bang for their buck. But what about other platforms? Can you Tweet, Tik or Tok your property to your legions of followers?

Technically, you could probably use any social media platform to market a real estate listing.

The question is whether it’s worth your time, energy and money.

Last year a Melbourne real estate agent bagged a sale and minor celebrity status for selling a Prahan unit with a TikTok video of him skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams, while – you guessed it – holding a glass of cranberry juice.

A quick Google search shows more than 7 million Australians are estimated to use TikTok. The age range varies, but not surprisingly, skews towards younger demographics.

Businesses are increasingly interested in TikTok, particularly given it has skyrocketed in followers while Facebook has wobbled this year.

“Facebook still has a much larger audience, but TikTok is catching up fast,” reports the ABC.

So where does that leave sellers looking to help their property stand out from the rest? If you and your agent are wannabe influencers then you’ve probably got very little to lose from tying your house sale to the latest TikTok challenge… but you may not gain much either and it certainly can’t compete with the target market reach and relevance you’ll achieve with traditional real estate marketing platforms.

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