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Cognitive colour palettes to transform kids’ rooms and brains these holidays

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 6 December 2018

The clever folk at Houzz have blended art with science in a curious article on how colour can stimulate brain development in your little ones. So if you want your cherub to evolve into a young Einstein these school holidays, try a nursery or bedroom makeover following these age-appropriate decorating tips.

0 to 3 months
Little ones can primarily see black, white and shades of grey so a monochrome room with bold, contrasting patterns will provide maximum visual stimulation.

3 to 6 months
By three months most babies can see colour so get splashy with bold primary colours through decals, rugs and wall paper.

6 to 12 months
By six to eight months bubba’s colour recognition is well developed so it’s time to introduce further rainbow hues through toys, furnishings or anything else that takes your fancy.

1 to 2 years
Toddlers can now differentiate between colours so go to town with garlands and other interesting shapes and symbols.

3+ years
OK so Houzz suggests different tips for 3- to 4-year-olds and school age kids but we think their article may transition from science to art at that stage so our interpretation is that by this age kids can see all sorts of colours, shapes and characters so go nuts and decorate your room how your little cherub likes it!

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