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Confessions of a house sitter

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 30 November 2016

Going away these school holidays? Lucky you!

If you’re considering inviting a house sitter to keep Fido fed and the plants watered make sure you read this entertaining confessional on Domain, written by a house sitter with a penchant for psychology. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m always impressed by people who are willing to offer the psychology of their living space up to the scrutiny of another, because despite my rigidly held views about where the glassware should be kept, I’m actually terrified about what my living space might convey about me to somebody else,” she writes. It seems the kitchen is the most revealing of all spaces if these insights are anything to go by. Check out how ‘the others’ live:

  • Not everyone keeps their glasses in the cupboard above the sink, or closest to it.
  • Some home owners keep vegetable peelers in the teaspoon receptacle… in other homes, never the twain shall meet.
  • The big white ceramic bowl is the vomit bowl no matter how many times it’s been washed, so don’t use it for salad.
  • Usually, larger cooking utensils live in the second drawer, but some particularly out-there homeowners keep tea towels and spare batteries here instead.
  • In totally whacky homes you might find teabags in the same cupboard as saucepans.

If that’s the worst a house sitter contends with, life doesn’t seem too bad.

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