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Could UberEATS drive rental demand?

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 17 January 2018

Forgot proximity to restaurants and cafes. One Aussie startup is predicting UberEATS will now become an indicator of a property's amenity.

CRIBZ is a Facebook Messenger chatbot which offers users neighbourhood guides to help them select the perfect location to buy or rent.

It launched in 2017 in Sydney and is now researching data on Brisbane neighbourhoods.

CRIBZ CEO Peter Esho told Domain that access to UberEATS was something people were becoming increasingly interested in, alongside more traditional factors like proximity to gyms and good quality internet connections.

“Sure, access to services like UberEATS isn’t yet a swing factor in choosing where to live,” he told Domain.

“But we firmly believe it will become an increasing consideration, among many other factors, in the rental market over time.

“I think the millennial generation is really looking at these services and utilities when talking about their quality of life.”

With UberEATS covering just one-third of Brisbane suburbs this emerging trend could create some clear winners and losers.

Suburbs which received a 5-star CRIBZ rating for UberEATS availability were, not surprisingly in the inner city, including Fortitude Valley, Newstead, West End and Milton.

Our neighbouring Chermside received a 4-star rating, helped by Chermside Westfield’s thriving food scene. Kangaroo Point and Paddington were also well rated, while south side suburbs suffered from lack of diversity in restaurants, so Sunnybank, with a huge concentration of mainly Asian cuisine, received 3 stars.

Bad news for outer suburb dwellers with UberEATS availability declining as you move past Bracken Ridge, Kenmore, Sunnybank and Carindale.

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