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Expert tip: Brissie to rise 20% by 2022

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 30 January 2020

We’re continuing to enjoy a flurry of New Year crystal ball gazing from property analysts and commentators.

Our latest favourite tip is from Smart Property Investment which reminds us that: “Most property analysts believe that Brisbane will see positive results in 2020 – even predicting that the capital city will see the greatest national gains in house prices, ultimately leading to a 20 per cent increase in median house price by 2022.”
…You might remember we shared that stellar prediction with you back in July courtesy of forecaster BIS Oxford Economics. But why not dust it off again?
Herron Todd White has also been reviewing its property forecasts. Its “property clock” for December 2019 showed that Brisbane houses were on the way up in the “recovery” stage of the market, while units had reached the bottom.
They’ve also taken a look back at the year that was and assessed their predictions.
“We said our region would continue to attract affordability-driven capital city seekers, but values across most markets would relatively remain flat. And, for the most part, we were on the money”.
“But, we’ll refrain from claiming Nostradamus status for the moment because, in truth, this is how our market has always operated.”
In other words, we’re an easy market to predict. And for the most part, that’s been true for some years now with our continued steady-as-she-goes performance, while southern markets have peaked and dipped.
So what is Herron Todd White predicting for 2020? More the same, which is no bad thing.
Brisbane has: “excellent indications of sustained, long-term capital gains, particularly for detached housing within cooee of the CBD,” they conclude.
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