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Extend the school holiday fun with a Harry Potter reno

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 10 October 2019

So the holidays are over and parents everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief as school once again casts an invisibility cloak over the kiddies – at least from Monday to Friday.

But then the weekend arrives and you find yourself looking for some way to entertain the family while ticking off those around-the-house jobs that just keep piling up.
Houzz has come to the rescue again with a novel renovation idea that promises to give you more space for storage and recreation while also keeping the kiddies entertained.
What is this alchemy? Check out Houzz’ brilliant list of #41 under-stair ideas. If Harry Potter had access to these lush abodes he may well have lived happily ever after at Privet Drive and dispelled the idea of Hogwarts entirely.
And if an under-stair cubby house isn’t the magic storage solution you’re looking for, then wave your magic wand over these ideas for inspiration.
Check out #10 clever ways Houzz magically converts under-stair space to create:

  • Pull-out library shelves
  • Push-open linen drawers
  • Well stocked wine racks
  • Compact and stylish home office set-ups
  • A kitchen, complete with under-stair fridge and oven
  • A TV and bench
  • A doorway to a secret room
  • A garden atrium
  • A super compact powder room
  • A bed complete with storage drawers

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