Brighter And some

Farewell summer heatwave. Hello autumn.

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 27 February 2019

Floods, fires, cyclones, heat waves. We love summer but we’re just about done with the crazy weather. So thank heavens autumn is finally here!

Here are some cosy tips, with some inspiration from Houzz, to help your house farewell the summer heat and celebrate the change of season inside and out.

  1. Plant a veggie patch. You’ll still enjoy some warm days to get things growing without that scorching summer sun wilting your seedlings at dawn.
  2. Display your home grown veges. Nothing shouts cooler weather quite like a pumpkin taking pride of place on kitchen hutch.
  3. Cushions, cushions and more cushions. Change up your colours to get some rusty autumn tones and get cosy on the couch as the weather gets cooler.
  4. Get outside during the day. As the sun eases from laser beam hot to a more palatable warm, get your family outside. If you can, move the TV or get a projector to make your own outdoor cinema for a sunset viewing.
  5. Install a fire pit. By the time winter swings around you’ll be glad you did.
  6. Embrace that mess of autumn leaves on the lawn. Raking endless leaves is not a great way to spend your weekend. Or is it? Houzz suggests you see the raking as therapeutic. Sounds like something Marie Kondo would say. Spark joy pretty leaves!

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