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Flashback: 20 years of The Block

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 22 November 2023

The auctioneer’s hammer has landed on yet another season of The Block.

The finale was filled with the drama we’ve come to expect from the reality reno show: million dollar pay days for some and tears for others.

What we think is most surprising is that we’ve now had 20 seasons of this thriller grace our TV screens. That’s two decades of Scott Cam delivering judges’ verdicts and reno advice that’s inspired a nation. Well, almost two decades. Some of you might still remember Jamie Durie as host on season one and two.

So what’s changed over the years?

The profits sure have. This year, the winners, Steph and Gian walked away with a tidy $1.65 million profit setting a new Block record, reports

In season one, the winners, Adam and Fiona, pocketed $256,000. Still not bad at the time!

The ‘disappointing’ $65,000 Kirsty and Brett pocketed from the sale of their property this season would probably have ranked as cause for celebration in season one where third place contestants Warren and Gavin pocketed $75,000 and fourth place still earned a neat $60,000.

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