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Home office fails: Zoom gives candid peaks into co-workers’ lives

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 30 July 2020

Workers everywhere have gained privileged access to their co-workers’ lives this year thanks to the joys of Zoom meetings. Perhaps you’ve been surprised to see your boss has a messy kitchen too. Or worse: your co-worker’s desk looks straight into the ensuite... and hubby just strolled out naked!

Not surprisingly, many remote workers are wanting their office set up to give a better first impression.

Not long ago, a desk in the corner or tucked under the stairs would have passed for an acceptable home office for many.

But as 2020 has seen millions of Aussies working and studying from home, the humble home office has taken on a new importance for house hunters and renovators alike.

“If anyone had said at the start of the year that the home office would become the most important room of 2020, many would have been scratching their heads,” reports

“But in recent months interior designers and architects have seen the focus shift from most of us being satisfied with a nook off the hallway or at the end of the kitchen joinery to a desire for a highly functional office environment.”

While not everyone can magic a separate study into their existing home, making a few small changes can help you and your co-workers navigate work-from-home challenges. Here are some tips we’ve picked up lately.

Natural light is really important and so is a comfy chair.

If you’re office is a laptop at the end of the dining table, create a mental break from work and pack it away before dinner.

If your Zoom background isn’t fit to share with your workmates — turn your camera off! You can always fake a bad internet connection.

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