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How many pillows should you have on your bed?

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 10 May 2018

Since the great pillow big bang of circa 2003, the number of pillows on beds across Australia has been expanding at an exponential rate.

Most of us retire at night with just one, or maximum two pillows, squished under our sleepy heads. But for some reason, when the sun rises and the covers are smoothed, we toss an extra three, four, five or more pillows on the bed for purely decorative purposes.

What may seem like a superficial fad is a symptom of a broader societal change if you believe demographer Berndard Salt. (Yes – he’s the same man that identified the infamous smashed avocado phenomenon).

He’s observed that a move away from the traditional 3-bedroom post war home towards sprawling 4- to 5-bedroom new-builds has changed the use of our houses. Guests are more likely to wander past bedrooms on their way to the heart of the house where we now entertain in open plan kitchens and living areas.

Suddenly bedrooms and kitchens, once tucked away from public view, are on show for all to see. Hence the “pillowfication” of the bedroom and the penchant for de-cluttering kitchens.

It’s all very interesting, but back to our original question. How many pillows should you have on your bed?

The good people at Houzz have analysed this and arrived at an answer. The optimal number is seven.

No, just joking. As any sparring couple will tell you there is no right or wrong answer! But here’s a very interesting Houzz article on the types of pillows you can style on your bed spanning sleeping pillows, decorative pillows and accent pillows. Knock yourself out!

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