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Is your suburb in the top #10 for growth?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 27 January 2022

Northside blue chips were among the top #10 fastest growing Brisbane suburbs last quarter.

Home of old money and horses, Ascot, topped the growth chart with 14.8 per cent growth, according to CoreLogic’s latest Home Value Index.

With growth so fast it belongs on the racetrack, it’s not surprising to see the median house value continue to blow out above the $2 million mark.

Nearby Clayfield also saw a healthy hike of 13.1 per cent to push the median close to $1.7 million, reports

The quarter results cap off a standout year for the Brisbane property market overall, which clocked up 27.4 per cent growth over the 12 month period. This was above the national average of 22.1 per cent.

Perhaps not surprisingly these two Brissie blue chips also performed well above benchmark over the full year.

Ascot clocked up 35 per cent annual growth and Clayfield grew 31 per cent.

If those numbers make you giddy, venture into north Brisbane’s middle and outer suburbs for strong growth potential without the magic millions prize tags.

Check out the top #10 suburbs for house price growth in the last quarter of 2021, including percentage change and median price:

  1. Ascot, 14.8%, $2,283,830
  2. Cedar Grove, 14.3%, $688,223
  3. Sunnybank Hills, 13.8%, $912,371
  4. Riverview, 13.5%, $321,919
  5. Kuraby, 13.4%, $953,368
  6. Fairfield, 13.4%, $1,230,625
  7. East Brisbane, 13.2%, $1,344,464
  8. Hatton Vale, 13.1%, $541,467
  9. Clayfield, 13.1%, $1,697,346
  10. Fig Tree Pocket 13%, $1,626,707

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