Brighter Buying

Lock down leads to leap in online property shopping

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 1 April 2020

Confined to our homes, armed with Netflix and the internet, Aussies nationwide are turning to online property shopping to while away the hours in social-distance style.

While some are window shopping, others are hunting for opportunity in the relative safety and stability of property markets, compared to more volatile share markets.
In Brisbane it seems buyers are seeking suburbs that feel like safe havens too. Latest stats from show #6 of the #10 most-clicked streets in Brisbane were in The Gap, an inner north west hamlet of leafiness and loveliness.
With all this working-from-home perhaps the peak hour traffic jams on Waterworks Road are not quite the concern they used to be for The Gap?
We suspect there is also of a bit of escapism driving people’s online property shopping habits right now. The most-clicked street in Brisbane is Dauphin Terrace in Highgate Hill where fairy tale, multi-level Queenslanders combine with glittering city views and … yep, million-dollar price tags.
Back in the real world, buyers and sellers are not confined to online viewing, with real estate agents across Brisbane – including us – moving fast to support social distancing measures at open homes. Mass viewings have been replaced by private inspections with strict hygiene protocols to safeguard sellers and buyers. We’re talking gloves and sanitiser.
The government’s auction ban is barely noticeable in Brisbane where sellers and buyers have never been big fans of selling under the hammer anyway.
So whether you’re a window shopper or a real world buyer, rest assured, the market is still moving.

Check out Brisbane’s #10 most-clicked streets:

  1. Dauphin Terrace, Highgate Hill
  2. Ashfield Street, East Brisbane
  3. Allandale Place, The Gap
  4. Bale Street, Albion
  5. Belclare Street, The Gap
  6. Bellata Street, The Gap
  7. Canterbury Place, The Gap
  8. Eppalong Street, The Gap
  9. Gawalla Street, The Gap
  10. Georganne Street, The Gap

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