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Market Update: 2021 Smashes property records

by Richard Parker, Sales Manager 17 December 2021

Without a doubt 2021 will go down as a landmark year in property history. Sales volumes and prices smashed records in a stunning show of defiance against the doomsday pandemic price drop predictions that rolled in a year earlier.

A whopping 446,800 houses were sold, along with 144,500 units nationally. That’s a record number of properties and a truckload of ‘sold’ signs.

The Domain End of Year Wrap 2021 also calls out a looming million dollar milestone, as national capital city house prices approach a median value of $1 million following the fastest annual growth on record of 21.9 per cent.

Makes you grateful we live in Brisbane where you can still get a decent first home in our outer to mid burbs in the $700,000s and even $600,000s.

Brisbane has managed an admirable act of affordability and growth, finishing the year with growth outstripping the pricey southern capitals, clocking up a nation leading 2.9 per cent in November.

We’ve also got significant growth prospects over the mid to long term thanks to one of the biggest announcements of the year: Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympics.

While the south side will get transformed with a revamped precinct around The Gabba, the north side will see its share of transformation too, in particular the 14,000-bed Olympic village at Hamilton will be converted to housing following the event.

We hope 2021 was as smashing for you as it was for property price records. And if you need some help with your property goals in 2022, get in touch!

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