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Market Update: Brissie Stat Check

by Richard Parker, Sales Manager 28 August 2020

This week we a diving into an update on the stats for the Brissie market.

At the beginning of 2020 we saw a pause in growth of home values, and that’s pretty much where they’ve stayed, holding steady with less than 1 per cent movement.

Now sales activity has picked up again and has recovered 74 per cent since April.

In total we’ve had 4.3 per cent home value growth over the last twelve months which leaves us coming out on top!

Here in Brissie were doing much better than Syndey and Melbourne, mainly as the pandemic hasn’t hit so hard in comparison, also our median prices are more accessible for first home buyers who are out in force at the moment with a great range of incentives up for grabs.

Local rental yields remain well above the combined capital city average at a gross 4.2 per cent for houses and 5.2 per cent for units

For a deep dive into the stats check out the Property Update report.

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