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Market Update: Brissie’s north sees 20% price boom

by Richard Parker, Sales Manager 25 August 2021

Yet another set of property number crunchers have affirmed the strength of the Brisbane housing market and the north side is doing some extra heavy lifting.

In the 12 months to the end of June, the Brisbane North region saw a whopping 19.8 per cent growth in house prices.

This is the fastest growth outside the inner city ring which saw a massive 30.2 per cent increase.

In dollar terms, this equates to a $78,000 rise in the median house price to $678,326, according to Domain stats.

It’s a different story for Brisbane units, which have held their value but seen little increase, recording a 2.1 per cent rise over the same period.

Check out the house price growth across Brisbane in the 12 months to the end of June:

  • Brisbane Inner City 30.2%
  • Brisbane North 19.8%
  • Brisbane West 18.9%
  • Brisbane South 17.5%
  • Brisbane East 8.9%

Domain chief of research and economics Nicola Powell said Brisbane’s relative affordability compared to Sydney and Melbourne was one factor driving the boom.

Over the same period Sydney’s median house price reached $1.4 million while Melbourne topped $1 million.

Check out how Brisbane’s annual house price growth to the June quarter compares to other capital cities:

  • Sydney 24%
  • Melbourne 16.2%
  • Brisbane 13%
  • Adelaide 16.3%
  • Canberra 29.2%
  • Perth 12.3%
  • Hobart 28.4%
  • Darwin 22.3%

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