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Maximalism is the new minimalism in 2024

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 18 January 2024

More is more in 2024 with maximalism replacing minimalism in Aussie home décor.

Cramming as much colour and comfort into your home as possible – without cluttering – is what it’s all about this year.

While it’s touted as a big trend for the year ahead, it’s not necessarily a new one. In 2021 Vogue featured an article on maximalism myth-busting one of the most common misperceptions.

“…the style continues to carry negative associations—mainly its association with rooms belonging to your great aunt or some other random distant relative, stuffed to the brim with junk and clashing chintz that raises both the eyebrows and the heart rate—as well as confusion,” Vogue writes.

But done with style, maximalism can work, apparently.

Layered patterns, rich colours, accessories paired with more accessories can create that sense of playfulness and luxe leisure.

Still confused?

Aim for cohesion not clutter. Any clearer yet?

Try this: choose a consistent colour family and ensure as many spots in the room as possible aren’t left naked.

Thanks Vogue.

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