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More than half of all investors tip Brissie for growth

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 18 November 2021

Investors are being lured to Brisbane likes moths to a flame as affordability, lifestyle and infrastructure investment combine in a capital-growth-winning-combo.

More than half of all investors, 54 per cent, say Brisbane offers the best growth prospects for investors, up from 36 per cent last year, according to the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) national investor survey.

A whopping 58 per cent say Queensland is the pick of the states, also up from 36 per cent last year.

A government spending spree on infrastructure plus more investment to come in the lead up to the 2032 Olympics has put Brissie streets ahead of the other capitals for investor interest.

“All of these factors, as well as the affordability of property in Southeast Queensland and strong interstate migration, are some of the reasons why investors are so optimistic about market conditions there,” said PIPA Chairman Peter Koulizos.

Check out which capital cities investors say have the best growth prospects:

  • Brisbane 54%
  • Sydney 13%
  • Melbourne 12%
  • Perth 9%
  • Hobart 3%
  • Canberra 2%
  • Darwin 1%

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