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How to deal with neighbours from hell

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 15 October 2015

You’ve found your dream home in a perfect location but it all turns into a nightmare when you meet the neighbours from hell.

Domain has trawled the depths of neighbourhood nastiness to collate a gallery of notes you wouldn’t want to receive from your neighbours.

Take this gem: “I noticed you guys keep forgetting to pick up your dog’s poopies so I took it upon myself to bring by some baggies…I also helped out by dropping all the said poop conveniently in front of your door.”

Need a laugh? Check out the top #5 below or view the full gallery on Domain.

Sure, it’s easy to giggle from the sidelines. But it’s not a laughing matter when things turn bad in your street.

We’re all likely to experience neighbourhood annoyances from time-to-time, but what can you do if a small issue escalates into a bigger problem?

Check out the Queensland Government web page on housing and neighbours, which includes information about noise and crime, as well as disputes about fences, trees and buildings. It also has an online tool to help you resolve disputes with your neighbours.

Also view the Brisbane City Council neighbourhood complaints web page, or check with your own local council if you’re outside Brisbane.


Smoke-free zone


Please do everyone a favour


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