Brighter Landlording

New rent policy: never-ending leases, pets always OK and you can hang pictures!

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 1 September 2017

All of the above will be basic tenant rights if a new policy by the Queensland Greens gets up.

The Queensland Renters’ Rights plan, announced this month, draws on concepts of rent control and unlimited leases familiar to tenants in Berlin and Paris.

But the Greens have found a way to make their plan as Aussie as it gets.

“Under our plan, renters will have the right to remain in their home even if the property is sold. Because as Darryl Kerrigan said in The Castle, ‘it’s not just a house, it’s a home’,” Greens candidate for McConnel Kirsten Lovejoy told Brisbane Times.

The policy will only come into effect if the Greens win government at the next election. So, that probably won’t happen.

Nevertheless the REIQ is in an almighty flap about the policy which it says would decimate the rental market.

“Investors have a range of options open to them, including shares and other asset classes. If their rights to manage their property are removed they’ll simply choose to invest elsewhere,” said REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella.

We can probably all agree a functioning tenant-landlord relationship is a beautiful thing. So how do we achieve it? The REIQ says tenant and landlord interests are not that far apart in the first place.

“Essentially, both tenants and landlords want the same thing – a ‘set and forget’ arrangement where both sides have security. What we need is a regulatory framework that supports those goals,” Ms Mercorella said.

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