Brighter Buying

New stats show Brissie is a bargain, but affordability challenge is real

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 17 December 2021

A new report has shown that Brisbane remains one of Australia’s most affordability capital cities, behind only Darwin and Perth, but house hunters are having a tougher time cracking the market than unit lovers.

House buyers are paying an average of 7.4 times their household income to secure a home, whereas unit buyers are paying just 4.7 times.

Similarly, it takes 9.9 years to save a deposit for a house and 6.2 years for a unit, on average.

The figures come from the ANZ CoreLogic Housing Affordability Report for the June quarter.

One of the most reassuring figures is that the average Brissie buyer is paying 32 per cent of their household income on their mortgage repayments. This is in line with standard benchmarks of affordability.

Whereas Sydney-siders are paying almost half of their income on their homes, signalling mortgage stress.

Brissie’s least affordable areas include the inner west, which will see you spending 44.4 per cent of your income on your mortgage, while Bribie-Beachmere sits at 50.7 per cent.

The most affordable area is Springfield-Redbank at 22.6 per cent, closely followed by Ipswich at 23.1 per cent.

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