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Oh the controversy: Brisbane attempts to name its favourite streets

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 8 March 2018

Just how do you pick a great street? Is it the street name, the sales prices, the people that live there, the visual appeal or something else entirely?

Tough question.

Presumably you’d need to consider objective qualities like capital growth and distance to amenities but also subjective qualities like the sense of community and visual appeal.

You could survey the people that live there, interview town planners and analyse sales results over time.

Hmm, yes, tough question. Perhaps an impossibly tough question.

But this didn’t stop attempting to answer it. So how did they approach this contentious task? By asking a bunch of real estate agents of course.

Twenty agents were asked to provide their top five streets which were scored and a master list was developed.

Is the result statistically significant? Hell no. Is the methodology open to bias? Hell yes.

But it’s a bit of a fun, so here they are Brisbane. Your top 20 best streets as randomly voted by a bunch of Brissie agents:

  1. Sutherland Ave, Ascot
  2. Laurel Ave, Chelmer
  3. Virginia Ave, Hawthorne
  4. Oxlade Dr, New Farm
  5. Dickson Tce, Hamilton
  6. Teneriffe Drive, Teneriffe
  7. Dornoch Tce, Highgate Hill
  8. Wendell St, Norman Park
  9. Adelaide St East, Clayfield
  10. Garfield Dr, Paddington
  11. Aaron Ave, Hawthorne
  12. Moray St, New Farm
  13. Camelot Place, Bridgeman Downs
  14. Eldernell Tce, Hamilton
  15. Enoggera Tce, Paddington
  16. Jesmond Rd, Fig Tree Pocket
  17. Macquarie St, Teneriffe
  18. Rosebery Tce, Chelmer
  19. London Rd, Chandler
  20. James St, New Farm

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Laurel Ave, Chelmer

Laurel Ave is best known for its magnificent trees and grand homes.

79 Camelot Place, Bridgeman Downs

Camelot Place is one of the most prestigious streets in Bridgeman Downs.

10/680 Jesmond Road, Fig Tree Pocket

Jesmond Road attracts those seeking a prestige address with a rural flavour.

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