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Property playboys fail to launch

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 25 August 2016

Trading in high end property can be a game of snakes and ladders. According to recent reports on it seems these flamboyant gents have failed to get a leg up the ladder in their most recent transactions.

  • Shane Warne has this month handed over $14-$16 million for a luxury mansion in Brighton, Victoria. Oddly enough he paid $3.51 million for the same house where he lived with his now ex-wife Simone and their family from 2001-2007. After renovations the family sold it for $8.75 million. But Warney must be feeling really sentimental to hand over that many millions second time round.
  • Mr Playboy himself Hugh Heffner has finally struck a deal to sell the Playboy Mansion for $US100 million. It’s half the original asking price but the 90-year-old has secured the right to stay in the house for the rest of his natural life. Buyer, billionaire Daren Metropoulos, says he’s looking forward to making the home his own private residence.
  • Tim Robards’ mansion from The Bachelor Australia 2013 has sold for just over $7 million but he didn’t see a cent. Why? It wasn’t his real home of course. But he did get the girl, finding love with contestant Anna Heinrich.

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Warney's New Pad

Shane Warne's $14-$16 million luxury mansion in Brighton, Vic.

Playboy Mansion

Hugh Heffner's Playboy Mansion has sold for $US100 million.

Bachie Mansion Sale

The Bachelor Australia 2013 has sold for just over $7 million.