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Rental affordability party continues in Brisbane

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 15 March 2017

Brisbane household incomes are $5,387 above the annual income level required to avoid housing stress, according to new figures from CoreLogic RP Data and Demographia.

Brisbane is one of five capital cities where median household income comfortably exceeds median yearly rent.

While the household incomes of tenants in Hobart, Melbourne and, you guessed it, Sydney fall short compared to rental expenses, reports

How big is the rental affordability gap? Well in Sydney you’d need to earn more than $15,000 above the median income to avoid rental stress.

Check out the size of the rental affordability gap in Aussie capital cities experiencing housing stress:

  • Sydney’s median household income falls short by $15,653 to avoid rental stress
  • Melbourne $2,053
  • Hobart $1,373

Conversely five Australian capital cities have median household incomes that exceed the amount needed to avoid rental stress.

Check out the cities where renters are having a party:

  • Darwin’s median household income is $36,033 above that needed to avoid rental stress
  • Perth $17,273
  • Canberra $15,400
  • Brisbane $5,387
  • Adelaide $2,907

So if you’d been considering a move to the Top End, maybe now is the time to try it!

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