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Rental market update: Brissie still yielding good value

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 6 August 2020

Property analysts everywhere have been eagerly awaiting the June quarter data dump to see what impact COVID-19 restrictions have had on the market.

The latest rental data for the three months to June shows rental values for Brisbane dipped 0.6 per cent. This means we’ve held up better than other capital cities which together showed an average 0.7 per cent drop.

The hardest hit markets include Sydney which saw a 1.3 per cent fall and Hobart which dropped by 2.3 per cent over the three month period, reports Property Update.

Rental yields have also softened but are still holding good appeal for investors in a market where interest rates are starting to dip below 2 per cent.

Nationally, rental yields fell by 3 basis points over the March quarter. Brissie’s average yield of 4.4 per cent is still sitting nicely above the national average of 3.7 per cent.

Grab a coffee and a Kit Kat and check out the CoreLogic data dump your inner analyst has been waiting for:

Change in capital city rental values in the three months to June

  • Sydney -1.3%
  • Melbourne -1.0%
  • Brisbane -0.6%
  • Adelaide 0.1%
  • Perth 0.9%
  • Hobart -2.3%
  • Darwin -0.1%
  • Canberra -0.4%

Capital city rental yields for houses

  • Sydney 2.7%
  • Melbourne 2.8%
  • Brisbane 4.2%
  • Adelaide 4.2%
  • Perth 4.3%
  • Hobart 4.7%
  • Darwin 5.4%
  • Canberra 4.7%

Capital city rental yields for units

  • Sydney 3.4%
  • Melbourne 3.9%
  • Brisbane 5.2%
  • Adelaide 5.3%
  • Perth 5.2%
  • Hobart 4.8%
  • Darwin 6.8%
  • Canberra 5.8%

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