Brighter Landlording

Rental reform on the cards

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 1 November 2018

Renters will be free to have pets and put photos on the walls under impending changes to rental codes.

The changes are aimed at making it easier for people to access housing, as the number of Australians finding home ownership out of reach increases. It’s also aimed at giving property owners greater power to charge for repairs not covered by rental bonds.

Queensland has one of the highest proportions of rentals in Australia, with more than a third of all households renting and many residents are renting for longer, according to ABC News.

State housing minister Mick de Brenni said property investors had “nothing to worry about”.

“Tenancy laws are ripe for reform,” he said.

“Up to 62 per cent of households across the state have a pet, but when it comes to rental properties, it’s only 10 per cent.

“In other jurisdictions, they have established a regime where we can make easier arrangements between the landlord and the tenant to agree on having a pet.”

Maintenance issues being address in a timely manner was another issue for renters.

“It’s important that tenants enjoy a decent standard of living and that landlords have well-managed properties,” Mr de Brenni said.

“Many tenants have raised with me that it is difficult to hang your kids school photos or paintings on the walls in rental properties and property owners have raised with me that they want to see regular inspections to properties and repairs to be addressed quickly.”

There is an online survey open about rental reform.

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