Brighter Landlording

Rental shake up to ban ‘rent bidding’

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 11 April 2024

The Queensland Government has introduced proposed changes into parliament to help ease renting pain points for tenants.

This would include banning ‘rent bidding’ making it illegal for a landlord to accept rental bids higher than the listed price.

The proposed changes have sparked debate between landlord and tenant advocates, with some saying the reforms don’t go far enough, and others saying they’ve overstepped the mark.

So who’s right? Why not take a look at the changes the Queensland Government is proposing and decide for yourself. The changes would include:

  • banning all forms of rent bidding
  • requiring bond claims to be supported by evidence
  • protecting renters’ privacy by requiring a minimum 48 hours entry notice
  • setting up a prescribed form to be used to apply for a rental home, with any information collected to be handled securely
  • limiting reletting costs based on how long is left on a fixed term lease
  • giving renters a fee-free option to pay rent and choice about how they apply for a rental property
  • amending laws to attach the 12-month limit on rent increases to the property instead of the tenancy

No doubt these changes are ones that tenants and investors alike will continue to watch closely.

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