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Rentvesting is where it’s at

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 6 July 2016

One third of investors are actually first-time buyers turning their backs on home ownership in favour of “rentvesting”, according to a recent Mortgage Choice survey.

Rentvestors are becoming a growing property phenomenon, representing just one fifth of investors two years ago, reports Domain.

So why rentvest?

This is an appealing strategy for first timers who want to get on the property ladder, but either:

  • can’t afford to buy where they rent; or
  • aren’t ready to put down roots in one location.

Others believe it just stacks up better financially. Earning rental income from an investment property helps meet mortgage repayments and property expenses.

You can also put your money into growth markets that you wouldn’t choose to live in.

If you want to break down the numbers, get your hands on a copy of the Money Magazine 2016 Real Estate Guide which maps out a rentvestment strategy from first purchase through to retirement.

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