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Rise of the granny flat

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 27 June 2024

A growing desire for quick-to-construct housing in a slow-to-build market is seeing the humble granny flat flying off the shelves.

Downsizers are amongst those driving demand, as they opt to downsize living costs and stay close to family, reports

One builder reported demand for 100 granny flats a week in a single state.

Plonking a granny flat in the backyard of a family member can cost a fraction of buying into a retirement village, but the multigenerational family lifestyle may not suit everyone.

For those who are looking at accommodating family in a secondary dwelling on their property, check your local council for planning regulations. Councils may refer to granny flats as secondary dwellings.

Check here for Brisbane City Council information and here for Moreton Bay Regional Council information.

Brisbane City Council relaxed granny flat laws some time ago now so that approval may not be required so long as the dwelling meets key development criteria.

If you have questions, talk to your local council or for a more significant or complicated secondary dwelling build, consult a town planning professional.

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