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Room by room: what a reno really costs

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 19 April 2018

There’s no doubt about it, Australians love renovating. And in 2016 we spent an average $66,900 on renos, according to the most recent Houzz & Home Survey.

But one in three survey respondents said the toughest part of the reno was staying on budget.

And shows like The Block could be to blame because they can set unrealistic price expectations, warns one expert.

“It’s a misrepresentation of what you can do,” GABBE director Georgia Ezra told Houzz. “There are no budgets there, companies often give free products and trades provide free services. It’s frustrating for someone who sees how expensive things really are.”

So to help us mere mortals the good people at Houzz have crunched the survey data to show what Aussies really paid on average for their renos.

Perhaps not surprisingly, kitchens, bathrooms and laundries topped the price list. Why? Plumbing.

Any room that gets wet needs waterproofing, pipes, tapware and appliances and you’ll need expert tradies to do the job right.

Check out the room-by-room reno costs revealed in the Houzz & Home Survey:

  • Kitchens over 10 square metres: $22,600
  • Kitchens under 10 square metres: $14,600
  • Bathrooms over 5 square metres: $13,300
  • Bathrooms under 5 square metres: $10,300
  • Laundries over 5 square metres: $5,700
  • Laundries under 5 square metres: $2,800
  • Family / living rooms over 10 square metres: $6,500
  • Family / living rooms under 10 square metres: $3,800
  • Bedrooms $2,800

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