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Sellers take note: half of Aussies are too lazy to renovate

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 12 July 2018

Thinking of putting your house on the market but have a few odd jobs you just haven’t finished?

Well find some mojo baby and get those jobs done because new research shows half of all Aussies are just too damn lazy to renovate!

We might love our reno TV shows but a whopping 48 per cent of Aussies say they want to buy a home that is ready to live in immediately and won’t need fixing for years, according to a national survey from mortgage lender State Custodians reported on Property Update.

A quarter of survey respondents are happy enough to buy a partially renovated home so they can update it to their own tastes. But we’re talking a cosmetic reno like a kitchen or bathroom facelift, not a structural fix.

And another quarter are actively seeking doer-uppers so they can add value through a renovation. It’s the younger buyers, 18-34, who have the most mojo to renovate according to the survey.

So if you’re thinking of selling how much should you spend to get your home spick and span?

Talk to your local agent for realistic advice on what aspects of your home need some attention and how much you should spend to make sure you get a quick sale at the highest price, without over-capitalising.

Our guy Wayne is an ex-tradey and will give you a straight answer to this question and chances are it’s not as much as you think. It’s important you don’t overspend or you won’t see that money back in your sale price.

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