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Selling? #5 Must-do money-making reno projects

by Richard Parker, Sales Manager 3 May 2018

We are a nation of renovators with Aussie homeowners recently reported to be spending more than $8 billion a year on renovations.

But do renovators see that money back when they sell up?

If you put the money in all the right places and do your homework, then you can expect a healthy return on your investment.

So if you feel like doing some dirty work this weekend for a cash reward, focus on these #5 projects where Domain says you’re likely to get the best bang for your buck.

  1. The simplest things are often the best and this is true for painting. With a paintbrush and some hard work you can instantly modernize and add value to your home. But keep it classy. Do your prep work, don’t be sloppy and seek advice on colours if you’re not sure. Dulux offers a colour consultancy service for $170.
  2. Street appeal. A tidy garden is a no brainer when you’re looking to sell. But some simple changes to your home’s façade can also shave years off its age. Modernise the front door for $500, repaint the garage door and update old blinds or cladding.
  3. Outdoor areas. Go alfresco and add an outdoor entertaining area. This could be as simple as adding some paving and an outdoor furniture setting. You can instant value-add and a great lifestyle boost.
  4. You might be hard-pressed to reno your kitchen in a single weekend unless you’re a seasoned tradie (or friends with one) but there is not a doubt a kitchen makeover is a sure-fire way to add significant value and sales appeal to a tired home. But some jobs are achievable for the DIYer, like tiling, replacing handles or even assembling flat-pack cabinets.
  5. Again this is one that is likely to require some expert input so if you’re in a need of a bathroom upgrade invest your time this weekend in researching new trends then call in some expert help.

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