Brighter Selling

Selling up? You could be your own worst enemy

by Justin Watt, CEO 13 June 2018

Selling your house can be one of the most stressful and rewarding things you’ll ever do.

So of course you’ll want to be closely involved in the sales process with your agent.

But agents manage sales processes on a daily basis. Most sellers will do it only a couple of times in their life.

So how does your agent work with you to manage the ups and downs on what could be an emotional roller coast?

Communication between agent and seller is crucial, said Watt Realty CEO Justin Watt in the above video.

“Sellers are honing in on everything that you say because it’s really important,” he said.

So your agent needs to understand how you’re interpreting what is being said. This is vital to make sure expectations of seller and agent are on the same page.

“With some owners, if you give them even a hint that somebody’s got a level of interest they’ve already sold the house…. They go to where’s the contract? And that was never the discussion.

“But that’s the seller’s frame of mind, it’s where they’re at. I always say it’s about where they’re at, not where I’m at. You’ve got to keep in mind that not everybody is going to respond the same way to the information.”

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