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Shopping agents? 10 must ask questions.

by Justin Watt, CEO 14 April 2016

Choosing who to sell your property with is the second most important real estate decision you’ll make, after buying it.

Regardless of who you choose, these are the top 10 questions I recommend asking your agent shortlist before you lock and load:

1. How much do you think my property is worth?  How have you come up with that figure?

2. What’s your sales record?

  • Are they active within the area?
  • Look at quality of results, not just quantity.

3. Where are your listings?

  • Local is always best!
  • You want someone who knows your area and your buyer profile.
  • Don’t sacrifice local knowledge for an agent that promises buyers from elsewhere (often they’re dragged over to see your home and don’t really want to be there).

4. How do you manage follow up?

  • Test them!
  • Call after hours and see how long it takes to get a call back (we encourage our agents to turn off their phones at family time but it’s vital to get back to people quickly).
  • Send a buyer inquiry through and see how long it takes to get a response.

5. Will you reduce your fees? Those that cave in are poor negotiators with little confidence. Good agents know their worth & protect their own fees (if they can’t protect their fees how will they protect your price?).

6. What were the last 5 sales in the area like mine (even if they didn’t make the sales)? Quiz them on the detail – this knowledge is vital.

7. What’s an approximate time frame? When can I expect to see a contract?

8. What’s your selling strategy to maximise price? – isn’t that what you’re paying for?

9. What 3 improvements can I undertake to maximise my sale price? – can they help you add value to your home?

10. And lastly visit their office & scope out their work environment – does it look how you want to be represented?

Happy selling!

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