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So fancy: Brissie boasts its first $3 million burb

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 6 October 2022

Clearly someone forgot to tell the blue-chip buyers of Brissie that prices have taken a tumble from their recent record highs.

The inner-city, riverfront suburb of Teneriffe has officially become the first suburb of Brisbane to boast a $3 million median, reports Elite Agent.

Yes – that is eye-wateringly high.

Even the high-flyers of New Farm have yet to hit such altitudes with a median price of just $2.35 million in the neighbouring suburb. That’s just not even in the ballpark, darling.

Teneriffe’s heritage home charm, river proximity and boundless amenity have propelled it to the giddy property heights only achieved by one other Queensland suburb with a $3 million median: the exclusive Sunshine Beach enclave in Noosa.

And so from our humble abode in middle ring Brisbane, to our high achievers in Teneriffe, we salute a Cup-of-Cleanskin to your Cup-of-Cris. Just so fancy.

Check out where the fancy money lives in Brisbane’s top #10 priciest burbs.

  1. Teneriffe, $3 million
  2. New Farm, $2.35 million
  3. Hamilton, $2.215 million
  4. Chandler, $2.13 million
  5. Ascot, $2.125 million
  6. Burbank, $2.005 million
  7. Pullenvale, $1.855 million
  8. Hawthorne, $1.8075 million
  9. Bardon, $1.7915 million
  10. Bulimba, $1.79 million

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