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So you want to be reno’d and in by Christmas?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 26 November 2020

We hate to rain on your Christmas parade but if you harbour dreams of sneaking in a quick reno before Christmas, you’re probably 11 months too late.

Any substantial renovation should be treated like a new build, and that means you need to start planning 12 months in advance.
The good news is – you can get in early ahead of next Christmas.
“As a building designer, the most common deadline request I hear from clients is, ‘We want to be in by Christmas’,” writes Sunny Coast builder Adrian Ramsay for Houzz.
“My advice is, if you have your heart set on moving into your new build or renovation by Christmas, you’ll need to start planning at least 12 months in advance. Twelve months might sound like a long time, but it really isn’t. What many first-time builders or renovators don’t realise is how many steps are involved in creating your dream home – and how long each one takes.”
If you’re planning to transform from fixer-upper to fabulous between now and next year’s festive season, here is your Christmas critical timeline:

  • 12 months out: research building designers and architects and work out your budget
  • 8 months out: nail that design concept, get your first drawings, get your approvals and choose a builder
  • 6 months out: start building to make sure the dust has settled – and so have you – by the start of December
  • 3 months out: get excited about decorating, organise your move
  • 1 month out: lock in the removalists and start packing

And if you still want a bold new look before Christmas but don’t have time to renovate, you’ll have to buy it! View our current listings for sale.