Brighter Buying

Spring selling season sees auction spike

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 7 September 2023

Brissie is not known for our auctions. Well, at least not compared to Sydney and Melbourne where it seems to be the only way to buy a home!

But even we can’t avoid a spike in auction sales as we head into the spring selling season.

The auctioneers are polishing their hammers and getting ready for the bidding to begin!

“Brisbane is set to host the busiest auction market among the smaller capitals and the city’s busiest week in five weeks with 155 homes currently scheduled for auction,” Property Tribune reported ahead of the first weekend of spring.

Brisbane’s clearance rates were sitting upwards of 60 per cent at the end of August, meaning most sellers were achieving sales at auctions, but roughly four out of 10 sellers didn’t attract winning bids.

If you’re thinking about selling at auction, it’s good to talk to local agents to find out whether it’s the right sales strategy for you.

This will depend on demand for your type of property in your local area. An auction may be one way to maximise your sale price if you have a particularly unique property that is likely to generate strong interest from buyers.

Conversely, different sales strategies may work better for properties that are quite typical of their neighbourhoods and likely to achieve a good sale price due to steady demand.

But each property and owner is different, so do your research and find an agent and sales strategy that suits you.

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