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Strongest growth in a decade kickstarts 2020

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 9 January 2020

December is typically a month where we spend our days cruising on into Christmas but it appears someone forgot to tell our national property market about the festive slowdown.

It sprinted full pace to the finish line, clocking up national dwelling value growth of 1.1 per cent over December, and rounding out the last quarter of 2019 with a healthy 4 per cent increase.
This is the fastest rate of national dwelling growth over any three month period since November 2009, reports Core Logic.
Across the year, 2019 saw steady growth in most capital city markets, capped within single-digit territory. Sydney and Melbourne were tied for top spot each recording 5.3 per cent growth. Brisbane recorded 0.3 per cent growth but finished with a stronger December quarter of 2.4 per cent.
Smaller capital cities, including Hobart and Canberra saw growth in excess of 3 per cent.
Sadly, Perth and Darwin continue to languish in negative territory.

Check out how our capital city dwelling values performed over 2019:

  • Sydney 5.3%
  • Melbourne 5.3%
  • Hobart 3.9%
  • Canberra 3.1%
  • Brisbane 0.3%
  • Adelaide -0.2%
  • Perth -6.8%
  • Darwin -9.7%

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