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Technicolour homes: tasteful or tacky?

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 28 April 2016

A classic Queenslander at the Grange has undergone a technicolour transformation in the form of an 11-colour paint job.

The owners decided to adopt the rainbow colour scheme to raise awareness of depression, according to Domain.

Making national news headlines will have certainly helped their cause which has also got the neighbours talking. While some aren’t impressed, others are taking a philosophical approach. “Life is too short to worry about the colours of someone else’s house,” one neighbour told Domain.

Wherever they appear, technicolour homes succeed in attracting interest and stories to go with them.

Earlier this year we reported on the demolition of St Lucia’s Pink Palace which, in its heyday, hosted celebrities including Elton John, Cher and Bruce Springsteen within its salmon hued walls.

Sydney-siders have for years spun their own stories about a landmark green house in Colyton, but despite the many theories, a local agent believes the former resident chose the peculiar paint colour as their mental state declined with age.

So where will you find Australia’s most colourful homes? Well, they might not be residences, but certainly the Brighton Beach huts in Victoria take technicolour to a whole new level. These bathing house beauties are a welcome addition to the seaside neighbourhood proving that colour selection is all about context.

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