Brighter And some

The Brissie burbs where Millennials reign supreme

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 21 September 2022

A generational changing of the guard is one of life’s inevitabilities, but it’s happening faster in some Brissie burbs than others.

The latest census data shows where in Brisbane the Boomer generation has now been outnumbered by GenX and Millennials.

Millennials or Gen Y, born 1981 to 1995, dominate a line of postcodes between Caboolture in the north to Beenleigh in the south, according to the census map reproduced on Brisbane Times. This includes the inner city burbs where lifestyle and amenity hold natural appeal for this vibrant generation.

Generation Z, born 1995 to 2009, are topping the pops in suburbs that are popular with growing families, like Narangba here on the north side.

With more years of wealth accumulated, it’s not surprising that Gen X is dominating some of the popular prestige suburbs like Ashgrove and Bardon.

Boomers dominate the outer regions of Greater Brisbane and some of the suburbs where homes are held tightly, including right here in Aspley, and also neighbouring Bridgeman Downs.

All up, the data shows our city is still a mixed generation kaleidoscope but Millennials are continuing their march.

Fun fact for your next trivia night: Our newest generation, born from 2010 to 2024 is dubbed Generation Alpha.

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