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The disappearing water tank and other photo fails

by Karleen Jentz, Copywriter 24 February 2016

A Sydney real estate agency has been blasted for allegedly listing photos of a property missing an enormous concrete water tower in the background.

The apparent Photoshop fail will make you laugh out loud, but, reports the Australian Women’s Weekly it’s potentially no laughing matter.

It’s one thing to want to show your property in the best possible light. It’s quite another to alter images to look altogether different. Fair Trading rules aim to protect consumers against misleading conduct.

Needless to say, the harsh reality would smack prospective buyers between the eyes at the first open house inspection. But out-of-town investors buying ‘sight unseen’ could be left exposed. The cautionary tale here is a simple one: use a trusted agent with good local knowledge whether you’re a buyer or a vendor.

Googling real estate photo fails can keep you occupied for hours. So let’s LOL at our own industry a little more. Check out this website dedicated solely to bad real estate photos and its gallery of the Top #10 Worst Real Estate Photos for 2015. If the pics don’t make you laugh, the captions will.

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3 BRM House in Penshurst, Sydney

Looks pretty nice, right?

3 BRM House in Penshurst, Sydney

This is the exact same property viewed in Google Street View.

Another Example

A before photo of a loungeroom using a standard lens.

Another Example

The same loungeroom after professional photos and some Photoshopping.