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The magic house price that says you’re a Brissie rich lister

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 15 April 2021

Given Brissie’s strong property market, chances are your home has risen in value in recent months.

It’s nice to enjoy that rich feeling when a valuation comes back better than expected!

But who is considered rich by Brisbane standards? The Daily Mail has published a report describing a “high-tier property” as one that is in the top 25 per cent – or top quartile – of house prices.

In Brisbane, your home sits in the top quartile if it is valued above $834,350. This figure had climbed 3.9 per cent in the three months to February.

In our northern suburbs this kind of budget will get you a plush pad in Bridgeman Downs or a quality Queenslander in Shorncliffe. You could stretch to a tree change on the northern suburb outskirts or snare a luxury riverfront unit at Hamilton.

Looking across Australia’s capital cities, Brissie offers quite the luxury lifestyle for a comparatively affordable price tag.

The national benchmark for a top-quartile home is $1.2 million. Not surprisingly Sydney ($1.7 million) and Melbourne ($1.25 million) are driving up the national average.

Canberra also boasts some pricey property with its top 25 per cent of dwellings priced upwards of $1 million. That’s a big price to pay to live in a place built to house politicians!

Darwin is home to the cheapest rich-list homes, with a top quartile value starting at just over $600,000.

Check out the full price that qualifies you as a rich-lister in Australia’s capital cities based on CoreLogic data from February 2021:

  • Sydney: $1,715,901
  • Melbourne: $1,251,377
  • Canberra: $1,004,452
  • Brisbane: $834,350
  • Perth: $803,876
  • Hobart: $783,128
  • Adelaide: $724,018
  • Darwin: $612,574

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