Brighter Buying

These #4 burbs are the ‘unsung heroes’ of Brissie’s north

by Kate Watt, Marketing Manager 30 June 2021

Finding hidden hotspots in a rising market is every home buyers’ dream. But when every suburb seems to be skyrocketing - or at least enjoying some solid growth - where should bargain hunters look?

The Month in Review report for May from valuers Herron Todd White suggests that Brissie house hunters might have trouble unearthing hidden hotspots and should instead consider some of our “unsung heroes”.

These are suburbs which are close to perennially popular postcodes, but they come with a stocktake sale price tag.

“Many folks would love to live in Clayfield or Wavell Heights, but prices are extraordinarily strong at present,” the report says.

“Perhaps a way in is to try Geebung or Virginia? They’re locations with great fundamentals that provide solid long-term prospects.”

If your search zone extends to fringe markets, the report tips suburbs where popularity and infrastructure are growing.

“To the north you will discover affordable property options with decent fundamentals through Strathpine and north of Petrie,” it says.

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